In good news, went over editor Jed Hartman’s line edits for “Once Upon A Time at the Learning Annex” this weekend. Together I think we made the story a little better. Right now, Jed is estimating the story will appear on Strange Horizons in mid-June.

In bad news, I lost about a dozen pages of my novel in AppleWorks this weekend. AppleWorks doesn’t have a “versions” feature like Word does, and therefore I’m switching to Word. It took me about four hours between last night and this morning to switch off some of Words overly-helpful features, and set all the formatting up. The dozen pages represented two days work, so making them up puts me a total of four days behind. The full draft has to be done by July 19th and an synopsis + first fifty pages package done by mid-May. I cried real tears.


One thought on “Updates

  1. Jenn Reese says:

    UGH! Sorry about the lost work – that sucks!

    But now I’m looking forward to mid-June. :-)

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