Flytrap reviewed.

From the August isssue of Locus, about Flytrap, from reviewer Rich Horton:

“The second issue of Flytrap is very impressive. Rudi Dornemann opens with ‘The Labyrinth Tourist’, about a bank teller visiting an exotic city, in which the tourist must trail a thread behind him to guide him on the way out. David Moles’s ‘The Ideas’ affectingly treats the old notion of the source for stories being a post office box in a certain upstate New York town – it sounds like a cute joke but becomes moving and thoughtful. Michael Canfield’s ‘Kank’s Last Breath’ is about a connoisseur of lingering breaths, such as one Neil Armstrong took on the Moon and which returned to Earth with him. The breath considered in this story is much more obscure, perhaps meaning something only to one person. A nice conceit. And, all in all, a very fine ’zine.”


One thought on “Flytrap reviewed.

  1. Pat Canfield says:

    Received my copy of Flytrap #2
    with Mike’s story, “Kank’s Last
    Breath”, in it. I was very
    impressed with the “little
    zine with teeth”. I like the
    size, the print, the content
    & the illustrations. Good
    work Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt!

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