I’m not moving to Canada.

Paris, maybe, but you can’t really move out of the Roman Empire, can you?

So what is a life-long Democrat to do now?

I don’t think a true liberal party can win a majority in America, because of the balance of power in the Electoral College and the Senate are so skewed toward smaller population states. On the other hand, every time the Dems move right the Repubs mover FARTHER to the right. This doesn’t seem to hurt them terribly. The two new senators from South Dakota and Oklahoma are very extreme. No abortion, no exceptions. Death penalty for Doctors who perform them. Gay people and unmarried mothers banned from teaching school (these are real positions taken). Bill Bennett was crowing today on The National Review about the “opportunity” for moral realignment of the nation (or relearning, whatever he called it. Scary by any name).

The Republicans are going to treat their 3 million vote win like a 30 million vote win. I don’t know what the solution is, but there is another election in 2 years. Can the Democrats find some way to turn a few congressional districts and a couple senate seats in red states but finding a way appeal to the better nature of rural voters? Fear is an easy sell, and the Republicans are fine with that. They don’t respect working class Republicans (whom Lee Atwater called “Extra chromosome Republicans”).

Is there a way to show these folks in the next 2 years that massive tax cuts for the over $100,000 a year bracket, runaway deficits, and the winnowing of their children for a war of first resort, is not in their best interest? If so, then maybe the Democrats can find a model to build on for 2008. Either that or become a true opposition party, lead by someone like Dean, always out of power, but able to influence the direction of the country because a 49% minority cannot be completely ignored.

Any hope of reform depends on holding the 50,000,000 Kerry voters together for a future to build on.

Next time I’ll tell you a conversation I had with a Bush supporter after the election, that made me, for the first time, really understand what this is all about for many, many Americans.


6 thoughts on “I’m not moving to Canada.

  1. Sam says:

    I am really interested in reading your story about the Bush supporter.

  2. You can’t win if the other side controls the voting machines. I am convinced that they cheated. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. The election would have been close in any event, but it is easier than ever to steal votes now that they use computers without a paper trail.

    Also, people are too damn inpatient for “closure” over this electin thing. I was willing to wait a couple of years where Bush could serve in the interim and we would recount each bloody vote. If Bush won by such a landslide surely a recount should not be a problem. If coumputers make things more efficient, why is it so hard to get information that should be public? If Bush believes in democracy why is he so ashamed of everything that he does so that he hides everything from us?

    I was ready to go at it for the recount, but I think that Kerry believed that he would win despite the fraud. I was really hoping that he was right.

    Anyway, people are _still_ recounting votes, and people hopefully are going to go down for fraud. Bush will be president even if it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cheated, but that’s not what’s at stake right now. It’s cleaning up all the corruption.


    Is working on this.

  3. Mike Canfield says:

    Massive fraud is not out of the realm of possibility, I’m sorry to say. However, I think if Rove and DeBolt committed fraud they would have confined it to Ohio and Florida. I don’t believe anyone has the means yet to orchestrate fraud in every state. So it’s possible that Kerry could have won Ohio (where he lost by only 136,000 votes), won the electoral college, the presidency, and LOST the popular vote ala Bush 2000. I doubt the Repubs would have been a gracious about this as the Dems were last time. To me this points up the need to abolish the EC and, just as importantly, standardize election laws. We should have one national election for president.

  4. buck says:

    you guys are a bunch of yallow bely sap sucking pencil necl left wing pinko commies

  5. Mike Canfield says:

    Wow Buck, you really put us in our place! Thank you for your thoughtful contribution.
    Sam, the conversation with the Bush supporter is coming, I’m a little behind on stuff…

  6. Brian says:

    Personally, I became so disgruntled at first flawed process that elected the wrong President in 2000 and now the flawed mindset that again elected the wrong President in 2004.

    I started http://www.thatsitimmovingtocanada.com originally complain and possibly leave, but I am hoping the site morphs into a substantial discussion forum on these exact topics.

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