Memes in Progress

Jenn Reese has a good thing going on her blog. She posted sentences from works in progress. So I’m doing it too…

from a short story in progress "Apocalypse, with Sandwiches":

"I am not a monster just because I have scales, and the chipmunk was dead when I found it. "

from a short story in progress "The Oldies Progression":

"Sometimes they got mad at him for staying in his room all day, and sometimes they got mad at him for coming downstairs and being underfoot. "

from the novel in progress:

"He roared at the body and gripped the shelf of paint cans. Who had that much paint on hand? They had things they didn’t even need. Things they’d never get around to using. Enough paint to paint a neighborhood for a century. Luke rocked the case of shelving, working loose the stays that kept it fixed to the wall. He pulled the whole thing onto Robb’s body. The top shelf slammed against Connie’s Jetta, and the paint cans broke open everywhere."


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  1. Jenn Reese says:

    Cool sentences!

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