Values-Based Presidency Redux

Our duly elected president ran successfully against gay marriage and terror. Now he will use his mandate to privatize social security and further shift the tax burden away from corporations and onto the middle class. Cheney is in favor of replacing income tax with a national sales tax of at least 23%. Some estimates say that in order to replace the revenue, the national income tax will have to be 30% or even higher. Your groceries go up 30%. A little tougher on the person making $20k a year vs. the person making $200k per year. Forget about ideology for a moment, what about competence. This administration destroyed the budget surplus, destroyed the U.S. international reputation, created untold new terrorists by gross mismanagement of the war in Iraq. Their incompetence in every area will be their legacy, which they will now solidify by fucking up social security and the tax system.

They run on morals (or what they define as morals) but they governs for their friends. For Halliburton and Enron.

Read up on The National Sales Tax Debate.

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