You had me at “Yo”

Received my 350th rejection today.  It happened to be from the market that sent me my favorite rejection of all time.  That one was for a submission to an anthology of weird fiction they assembled.  Handwritten on the back of a little form-letter sliplet:

                      Yo! Nice weird
                        story, yo.

I’ve been told (lectured, is more like it) that rejections only mean one thing and that is no.  maybe, but I treasure every one, which is why I’ve kept them all. Each has helped me get to where I am now, and where I am now will do for at start.  From 0 sales in 225 attempts now down to 1 in 35. I expect more sales, therefore I expect more rejections along the way. When I don’t get any for awhile, I start to wonder just what the fuck I’ve been doing with my time lately. No rejections means I’m just not trying hard enough. So out come more stories, and out the door they go.

And then they are somebody else’s problem, for awhile.

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