Good news in the paper today.

NYT:  Major Creditors in Accord to Waive 80% of Iraq Debt.

NYT: Iran to Suspend Uranium Enrichment Today.


2 thoughts on “Good news in the paper today.

  1. I don’t get it. Why is this good news? I don’t think that it’s necessarily bad news, but I don’t see what’s great about it. Iran has been manipulating the process for a while now.

    Iraq’s debt is one of the reasons that the rest of Europe wasn’t excited about going to war with Iraq because they knew that this was going to happen.

    Looking at the region when it was first “liberated” by western powers at the end of WWI, Britian almost went to war with France over the area. This is looking more and more like a land grab. Less money going to the people that Iraq originally owed it to.

    Not that they should be saddled with Hussein’s debt either. I don’t have any answers here, just a bunch of irrelevent history that strangely keeps repeating over and over again like a bad dream.

    I was just curious as to why the stories were labled as “good”. You’re probably right; I just don’t see it.

  2. Mike Canfield says:

    Any event has the potential to yield both positive and negative outcomes. On first observation it strikes me that the Iranian decision prevents diplomatic tensions from worsening this week.
    In general, I think, the western powers need to forgive the crushing debt that crushes most of the third world, if those countries are to have a chance at stability.

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