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Wrote a new first chapter to go in front of the previous first chapter of the suspense novel today.  Good. This was giving me trouble, I kept putting it off, still haven’t figured out why. I only managed to do it because yesterday I decided to not to any work on the novel at all until after Christmas. So instead of procrastinating on the novel I procrastinated on the story I’m in the middle of. Go figure.

Now I’m going to watch one of the 2 James Stewart DVD’s I rented. Either "Destry Rides Again" w/ Marlene Dietrich or Capra’s "You Can’t Take It with You" w/ Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore and Edward Arnold. The latter is based on a play by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. I picked it up because of a review I read of the Library of America’s Kaufman (and various collaborators) collection.  Kaufman and Hart wrote "The Man Who Came to Dinner" which I saw a production of on PBS with Nathan Lane and Jean Smart a couple years ago. Jean Smart who I only knew from some mediocre TV is really sexy and good in it. I don’t know if this version is available on DVD or not, but I recommend it especially to Wodehouse fans; it has some of the same sensibility and is fairly hilarious.

Then if there is any time left I’m going to continue reading Bob Dylan’s Chronicles Vol. 1. Which is wonderfully written and a real joy. It’s Dylan’s memoir about his early days in Greenwich Village circa 1962.  He talks about the other musicians he met and all the books he discovered there. He’s quite a voracious reader, everything from Thucydides to Balzac. He seems to draw inspiration and encouragement from everywhere — from a few nuggets of gold on the mostly bankrupt radio airwaves of the time, to a thumbs up from a pro wrestler name Gorgeous George. Gives a great sense of the era.  There are some surprises too: growing up, Dylan loved Edgar Rice Burroughs. In fact, the way he describes his beginnings he had a lot of the same passions as Ray Bradbury.


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  1. Tim Pratt says:

    Oh, I love The Man Who Came to Dinner! That’s a great movie. I’d love to see it again.

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