Web Fun I

Now that I’ve upgraded to 1.5mb DSL (from their former maximum service of 640k) I do notice a difference in speed. I tested it by downloading one of those short movies that Amazon produces.

The big 75mb file took about thirty minutes at my old setup and only about 14 minutes under the new.

Now I can download ham-fisted, pretentious, simplistic, message-cinema crammed full of product placements in half the time. Life is good.

I liked Blair Underwood’s acting though. His face is intensely expressive.  Another film, the orange one, is visually interesting. The Tooth Fairy one, and the wish-fullfillment one with Minnie Driver, are, respectively, trivial and ineptly-exectuted.  Probably my favorite thing about the whole series are the credits scrolling at the end. The credits seem to run about a third the length of the actual movie. The first name on the credits is the lead actor, the next ten or twelve names are of the companies and their products that were featured. Then comes the names of the other actors.

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