SFWA Application

I decided to apply, and sent the materials yesterday. I noticed that several markets listing on Ralan have raised their rates to 5 cents (Cemetery Dance, Flesh and Blood) and that a couple new markets  (Shadows of Saturn and Lenox Ave) that are fairly new also pay 5 cents. I attribute this the SFWA and HWA raising pro rates to that level. So I decided they have done enough for me that I ought to join. Can’t join HWA because can’t really fudge enough of my pro credits to qualify as horror so I opted for SFWA. Not sure I have enough proof for them though. One of my sales is a Warner books print anthology which paid me 12 cents a word, but it came in three payments, but I only xeroxed the third check, so whatever. If they don’t want me yet, I’ll save the money.

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