Early Christmas Present

I received my contributor’s copies of the February 2005 issue of Realms of Fantasy today, which contains my best story yet, "Peas and Carrots."

It is accompanied by an illustration by Peter Ferguson (and more of his work here) which captures so many elements of the story so perfectly that you will only need to read the the story to discover that you didn’t need to read it at all —  just study the painting.

The issue should be on newsstands in early January. Barnes & Noble or Borders is a good place to try — generally stocked with the gaming and trading card magazines. The cover features a painting of Michael Moorcock’s Elric, but then again, if you know who Elric is, you already likely know where to find Realms of Fantasy at Borders.

Also, there’s a couple errors in my bio for the issue. The photo said to be of me, is not of me. (I’m guessing it may be of Ari Burk, the man who’s bio is right above mine.) Secondly, I didn’t attend "Clarion University in East Lansing MI." I attended Clarion (the summer writing workshop) sponsored then (as it is no longer) and held at The University of Michigan in East Lansing. 

If you’re interested in writing you could do a lot worse than quitting your job and getting into this workshop. See the post directly prior to this one, which leads to information on Clarion’s fund-raising efforts as well as information on the workshop.

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