“Peas & Carrots” Reviewed

My Realms of Fantasy story (Feb ’05) is reviewed by Joyce Ellen Armond on the Science Fiction Romance website:

"’Peas and Carrots’ by Michael Canfield is a piece of magical realism that was a little hard to get into, but boy was I glad I did. It’s a romance set on a metaphysical stage with an invisible audience and the most emotionally engaging hero. Struggling with him to break out of the tyranny of the script and find love pushed all kinds of buttons in my romantic soul. The narrative style spotlights the hero’s wistfulness and courage, and also lends the charm of an enchanted clock-work feel to the story. I’ll certainly remember Michael Canfield for next year’s Sapphires short fiction nominees."



One thought on ““Peas & Carrots” Reviewed

  1. Jenn Reese says:

    Mike, I just read “Peas and Carrots” yesterday, and boy, did I love it! Of course, I spent many years behind the scenes in theater, and was wondering if your title had to do with that famous phrase. (We also used “rhubarb”.) The story was just wonderful. Huge congrats!

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