Capsule Reviews and Short Citations

A few mentions on the web of my story in From the Borderlands.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the disturbing ‘Food Processor’ by Michael Canfield, although I am still not sure I understand it …" Marie D. Jones

"up-against-the-wall bizarreness …" D. Dyszel Creature Feature Library

"This piece is told in a mood and feel that is fairy-tale strong and thus could be really good at establishing a creepy, take-careful-steps-reader mood. The only thing I can really knock in this is that it doesn’t suggest any point. The ending is deus ex machina to the max, and I never get enough real detail to feel, picture, or experience anything that happens in the story. Probably would’ve made a great and creepily surreal script for Jim Henson’s old "Storyteller" television series. This would’ve been great in that "Young Monsters" collection of some years back."… Ron Horsley Midnighters Content


One thought on “Capsule Reviews and Short Citations

  1. IIRC, the best thing about this story is when they put metal into the food processor and it came out liquid. Why did I like this? I don’t know. That was back when I was stuck on the science con. If I had embraced it as making more sense than reality then maybe at that time I could have truly achieved enlightenment.

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