Clarion “East” Writer’s Workshop Email Auction

Is going on right now, thru Saturday night. Fun to check out, some Kate Wilhelm and Michael Bishop first editions,  plus tons of rarities for the Neil Gaiman fan.
I’ve got a couple bids in myself, I won’t say on what, lest you swoop in on me, but there are a lot of bargains.

The Clarion email auction is now closed. Looks like someone swooped in and doubled my bid on Michael Bishop’s PKD novel, but my bid on Tim Pratt’s "Little Gods" held. Good, I hope they made tons of bucks.


2 thoughts on “Clarion “East” Writer’s Workshop Email Auction

  1. I still feel guilty about those bicycles that I broke. I tried to fix them, but they just didn’t have the tools. I wish I brought my tools, but I usually get hassled when I try to go on a plane with them even before 911. Hey, an adult needs his/her tools, right?

    Anyway, I feel like sending them a bicycle or perhaps just flying in one day and fixing all their bikes. Bike riding is one of my favorite parts of clarion especially when I got drunk and rode into a completely empty parking garage, then rode out to the greenhouses at full speed in the dark. East Lansing is like a very perfect, very safe ghost town in the summer. One of the strangest places I’ve ever been too because it was the only place I was at that looked like a perfectly American town just like you see on TV. It wasn’t even boring because it’s normality was so strange.

  2. Or you could use the money you’d spend on airfair, to bid on the bound galleys of Cory Doctorow’s next book, available thru Midnight EST tonight at

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