So many roads to censorship …

Not that Al Jazeera is any voice of reason, but they do represent a point of view, like it or not.
And I wouldn’t like hearing that the U.S. were muscling Murdoch over Fox News either. Link: The New York Times > International > Middle East > Under Pressure, Qatar May Sell Jazeera Station.

I recommend the documentary "The Control Room" (see link in column to the right) on the "information wars" in general and Al Jazeera in particular.


2 thoughts on “So many roads to censorship …

  1. I used to worry about censorship, too, but then I realized that there will always be smaller news media springing up. I think that the democratization of the media is inevitable with all the new technology. There is the idea of making sense of it all, but that has _always_ been the case. Now with more alternate points of view, I think that one coudl mentally subtract the difference if one really wanted to.

    Most people I know, right and left, just want their own point of view reinforced. I just want to hear something new that I have not heard, and something that is written dispassionately. I hate the place the mainstream is going trying to stir one’s emotions.

    My favorite line is the “liberal media” scam. This is silly because anyone can just get a job in a copy shop and xerox one’s work when the boss isn’t looking and hand it out on the streets. Those poor conservatives act as if they have less options that punk zine makers. I love whining especially when its photocopied.

  2. Mike says:

    One thing I’ve realized lately is that some members of the “conservative media-elite” (to coin a phrase) are damn good at representing themselves as the underdog. The still manage to do this despite holding the White House, both branches of congress, the judiciary, most prominant religious leadership positions, and most of the pundetry. That’s an impressive trick, to find one’s self oppressed while holding that much power. But it comes from the Judeo-Christian world-view it seems. The pagans are alway at the gate, ready to undo everything good and decent within.

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