Writing log #1 1700wrds/ 19:30-22:30 / 180 minutes

Made a pact with myself to write every day for 30 days and finish a
certain word count by the end of it. Using a technique I found in the
work of psychiatrist Albert Ellis, I’ve written a check for $500 to the
NRA. If I don’t complete the set number of words I will have to mail
the check on March 1st 2005. Since I probably won’t even have that much
in checking at the time, I’ll also get a $25 overdraft fee, and be in
the hole all month. Talk about incentive. Think of it: even Moses wants
me to fail!
Today’s total: 1700 words.
Thoughts of encouragement are always welcome. Stop me before I fund the NRA!
Stay tuned, this could get embarrassing.


2 thoughts on “Writing log #1 1700wrds/ 19:30-22:30 / 180 minutes

  1. Jenn Reese says:

    I have never heard, seen, or read about a better incentive.

    YOU HAVE TO SUCCEED! Get to it, man!

    Wow, it’s scary how motivating I find that.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, I’m really scared too. The worst part is I know I have to follow through, or the humiliation of going back on my pledge will be about as bad as supporting the NRA.
    One thing I didn’t mention though, is I gave myself permission to turn off the internal editor for the whole month. If I produce absolute tripe it’s still okay. In fact, it might be
    better. There’s a lot of things I like about what I’ve written so far, and I had to check that, before I get into myself into a mind-trap and start taking more time. There’s no limit to how many rewrites I can do later, (or junking it is okay too) but that’s not what this month is going to be about.
    The word count has to exceed 50,000. 60k would be better, and leave more than halfway to standard contemporary length, but I need some fudge room. There’s a few other rules I imposed too. Like stuff I throw out before the end of the month counts towards goal too. No speculative element, and no murder or criminal element, and no love story (although I’m not sure what I mean by that one). Any other way I can come up with stay strange and gripping. These may seem arbritrary (well they are) but I think they will keep my from flying off the rails. So even though I’ve set an almost random task, and decided I’ll pay dire consequences for failing it, I believe I’ve set enough parameters that I have a pretty fair chance of success.

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