Extremely Lucid Points Made in “Million Dollar Baby” Essay

I realize this is rapidly becoming the "word count and Million Dollar Baby" blog, but hey. Consider it my new cause now that Bush has won. This article by Ebert’s site editor, Jim Emerson, contains spoilers. I can’t even tell you the crux of the political controversy he is speaking of, and the sad attempt to diminish a story for various political agendas. This is not a political movie.
But there’s one paragraph (no spoilers) that is so brilliant, and I hope the nitpickers of the world will take it to heart. Emphasis mine:

"First let me say this, as a movie critic who admires [the movie] but thinks it suffers from occasional glaring lapses in tone and
logic: A movie is about what happens to you while you watch it. If
what’s on the screen prompts you to ask yourself questions during the
movie – and afterwards –
then you should keep those questions in mind
when thinking back on how the movie works and how it affected you.

Link: :: rogerebert.com :: essays.

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