Day 16: 2694 words (28,100 total).


One thought on “Day 16: 2694 words (28,100 total).

  1. As for the “big fuckin assumption” thing. I’ll answer that here. Yes, I did make a big assumption. Right now I work somewhere where I am not supposed to do that on the job. So did my good habits carry over? I guess not. I’ll not make any more assumptions here. :)

    I do think that these data suggests that you are on track to meeting your goal so if I were Charlton Heston, I wouldn’t be counting on that money just yet. I guess they are going to have to cut back over there at the NRA. Well boo fucking hoo.

    Anyway, good job with the writing. From the minimal information posted here, I could assume that you are having a good time, but I won’t do that. :)

    As for the cartoon comment given before, if I were to make comments which basically tried to figure out the sexuality of a cartoon character based upon a geometric figure on its head, I don’t think that anyone would talk to me anymore. That’s just too silly. For one thing, it’s a god damned cartoon! It’s not real. It can’t have a “sexuality” or anything else. That’s just too funny.

    The thing about this administration is that it’s the funniest presidency I have ever seen. I have never read about such silliness and such funniness ever. It’s laugh out loud funny. That’s when they are trying to be serious. Their jokes are actually quite cruel. Not un-PC, just downright cruel and nasty. As for fighting down other “conservatives” well that’s just dumb see Reagan’s 11th commandment (Reagan being the second funniest president ever).

    But I digress. I just want to say keep up with the good work.

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