A Mouse Tale

Bought a new 2 button optical mouse (by S+ark). Mac users will know what I mean when I say I love everything about the Mac except the one button mouse. Only $14 from Amazon, it arrived today with my Dover Thrift Edition of "Pilgrim’s Progress" which I admit I have not felt my life incomplete without up to now. I make some strange calls in pursuit of free shipping.

May move my boring word count totals to another blog for the duration if I get time. Or maybe not.


One thought on “A Mouse Tale

  1. I am writing this on an osx box that used the shoddy mouse, too, but the pc had a three button usb mouse so I just plugged that in and it all worked out so I do know what you mean.

    I was disappointed to not see the word count, but I’m sure it will be coming forth shortly.

    I had a good time at the writer’s meeting last night. Interesting to see newbies going through the same things I went through a few years ago.

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