Day 25: 3749 words/50,031 total.

Achieved the goal today with five days left to spare, so I’m revising the goal to be 60,000 for the 30 day period.  Should reach the end of the draft of this slim unmarketable novel by then, as I’m almost to the end right now. Then I’ll take a couple weeks (till March 14) going back and adding to some of the scenes and subplots that I gave short shrift to. On March 14 the whole thing goes into a receptacle of some kind, either a storage receptacle to cool for a couple months, (till after Wiscon, at least) or into the trash.  We’ll see.
I’ll continue to post additional word counts through Day 30 (Feb 28) but after that, if I on anything like this again, it will be recorded on a separate blog created for that purpose.  Posting it somewhere, however, has been an incredible motivator (along with being about to tear up the NRA check when I reach 60K will be!) and I plan to use some form of it again, but word counts are  just too boring to fill up this blog with much longer. Very soon it will end!


One thought on “Day 25: 3749 words/50,031 total.

  1. “but word counts are just too boring to fill up this blog with much longer. Very soon it will end!”


    Then what?

    I am addicted to the word counts here.

    Too boring? Not a chance. I don’t think anyone was bored here. Others please chime in. This was illuminating for me.

    It was rough, I was on edge, but the ride was worth the price of admission.

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