It’s Joe Lansdale Sunday

Today, presuming I finish my required writing by midnight, will be taken up by getting started on a nice stack of recent-ish Joe R. Lansdale novels: "The Bottoms," "A Fine Dark Line," & "Sunset & Sawdust. " Also, I’ll try to squeeze in a couple more episodes of David Milch’s Deadwood. This is my second viewing of the series in a month; simply the finest television show ever create by anyone not named Larry David, or Joss anything (and one of the most literary TV shows I’ve ever encounter to boot).

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One thought on “It’s Joe Lansdale Sunday

  1. We’ll have to check this out if the public library gets tv shows on dvd ever. They are still on video tapes which sucks for us as we don’t have a tv. The books I could read, however as soon as I get done with Les Miserables. I can’t wait as I can’t spell Les Miserables and it makes me look like a dumbass in some circles. In others it makes me look like a dick to try to even read the thing: “Why ya reading son.” Dunno.

    Thanks for the recomendations.

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