Voices in my head

Got my iPod shuffle yesterday — after a few weeks on back order. Any (unlikely) future historian digging up the remnants of this blog in the layers and layer of digital archives will have a hard time understanding my fascination with the amazing gadget – weightless, and exactly the length of my middle finger — now hanging under around my neck and under my shirt. I’m walking around the apartment, spot scrubbing fingerprints off the wall while listening to Bill Clinton’s Book Expo America Keynote address, and later Stephen King’s reading of his story "LT’s Theory of Pets." (Not coincidentally, And while I’m waiting for my nifty iPod shuffle Armband to come off backorder,  I joined Audible.com today.)

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One thought on “Voices in my head

  1. I disagree. I think a historian will be fascinated with this. This depends upon the future culture, though. I could envision all gadgets being merged into one and implanted in one’s head. That would lead the historian to understand the fascination with such a primitive gadget.

    On the other hand, if in the future, we decide that the shiny gadgets are a cause of much misery in the world, and they purge themselves of even the thought of such contrivances then, yes, there would be a little cross-chronological confusion.

    In other news, where the hell is all the wc blogging? My life lacks meaning. I guess I fall into historian camp #1. :)

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