A Specific Improvement to My General Happiness

Having already received and deposited the check sent by the wonderfully prompt folks at Corpse Blossoms I’ve earmarked the bulk of it towards debt reduction. But I did keep a  little aside and bought my first ever auto-timer coffee brewer. No more crawling out of bed without a purpose, muttering a string of invective that would make Al Swearengen blush, now I have a reason to live! Delicious tissue-restoring nectar ready and waiting with the dawn!

It makes even the prospect of this slim 47 hour weekend palatable …


One thought on “A Specific Improvement to My General Happiness

  1. Eh, coffee? Slowing down I see. Last check you spent on coke and whores!

    If I ever sell something, I’m going to pimp out my bike and get some classy shit like Livingston. Goes down rough.

    As for coffee, I have been waiting for years to learn how to give an IV so I can give a caffeine IV. No more getting up at all for me. Stone cold jazzed.

    Plastic hits o sunshine.

    Looks like I need my afternoon cup.

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