Our Kabillionaire

He’s the eccentric (some say unstable) entrepreneur and the owner of the Mavericks. He’s also on the progressive side in the information access debates. The most interesting blog by a business person that I’ve seen. Chuck D, Brian Eno, we have all the cool people. Follow the link: Mark Cuban.


One thought on “Our Kabillionaire

  1. He might be a kabillionaire and thus by some standard much smarter than me, but I think that he makes a mistake. That is, he buys into the RIAA’s logic. If I make a car and buggy whips are not selling, I don’t need to prove that they are! That is the RIAA is solely responsiby for the businesses that are represented by the RIAA. If cd sales go up or down or stay the same, that’s not the role of online companies to decide. If people don’t want their product then they need to make a better product.

    If they think that they need to get big govt involved b/c they are incompetant at business, well there is probably some welfare available for failures. I don’t want business failures at the helm of the nation, however. All aboard the welfare train.

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