Star Trek: Free Spin-off Idea

And incidentally here is my idea to fix Star Trek, offered freely to anyone with the interest or ability to  use it, abuse it, or improve it:

Make the captain a villain. Not everyone in a position of leadership is a hero, or even a good person. Think of Moby-Dick, Mr. Roberts, The Caine Mutiny. Think of George Armstrong Custer, or Ken Lay. Give her or him qualities of greatness as well — the kind of callous greatness that gets people killed.  Come on, it would be a great show. And people would relate. Look at the world around us and its leaders. People would relate.

Actually, there’s another free idea in the post. Someone should create a Fix Star Trek website.  Or Fix other shark-jumped show. Too late for ST as they mercifully took it out and shot it, but plenty of other shows need fixing…

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One thought on “Star Trek: Free Spin-off Idea

  1. A great idea. I’d like to see this.

    Even better, bring back and aging Shatner and put him on a ship w/ a bunch of old folks w/ walkers and stuff. I’d like to see some people in Depends!

    I love the old show and can’t get into the “newer” ones. Analog computers that makes tons of noise and have sweet blinking lights are for me.

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