The Suck of the New

Related to the last post, and Steven Johnson’s new book Everything Bad is Good for You, it does seem the throughout recorded history each new story-delivery system is considered inferior, or at least cruder, less-tasteful, more insured to case harm — especially to that enternally vunerable construct called Ournation’syouth, than the preceeding. The "devolution" seems to run like this:
Poetry >(is-greater-than) Theater>Prose>Cinema>Radio>Comics>Television>Gaming.
The more forms added to the end of the chain, retroactively elevate the earlier forms. Once a medium is a few links up the chain it earns the right to be judged by it’s best example — not its worst. Of course, as time goes on, an older medium has more and more good examples from which to choose from. (Exp: Video games are bad, look at GTA, it is sadistic.  Not: Theater is  bad, look at Titus Andronicus, it is sadistic.)
UPDATE: See Steven Johnson’s hilarious reversal of this path: LINK

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