Copyfight: Books:When Pirates Attack – A SFWA Push poll

SFWA, The Science Ficiton and Fantasy Writer’s of America, an organization the I (for reasons that are increasing hard to remember) joined last winter has recently sent a push poll to it’s members concern Amazon’s search inside books feature and piracy. For the record, I’m for full searches, every page, all the time. This is the same reason I post links on my site to my stories that are archived various places — and why I strongly prefer to submit to markets that have web archives in the first place.  Tim Pratt & John Scalzi have much better posts on this, so go read those, if you haven’t already.

Update 4:18 – and Cory Doctorow has weighed in as well:   
Boing Boing: Why writers should stop worrying about "ebook piracy".

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