Copyfight: Sterling

"The alternative is to embrace pure velocity, with or without a path to profits."

-Bruce Sterling 110.06|2005.Wired


One thought on “Copyfight: Sterling

  1. Out of all the people who are jumping on this issue now saying, “me too!” Bruce Sterling is one of the ones who was always behind this in deed. He released his book _Hacker Crackdown_ online in the 90’s. I downloaded it and read it then I went out and bought the print version as I am one of those outdated people who enjoy actual dead trees in their hands while they read. So his idea worked for me at least. I was disappointed when at a Con he said that he wasn’t planning on doing this for any of his other books, but I don’t (and never did) blame him for this. It’s his choice.

    I love his ideas and his writing. His short fiction is awesome, IMHO better than his later novels which alas, I could not read esp the one about WTC. WTF! It’s a tragedy blah blah blah. It’s old news. Let’s talk about some new tragedies. :)

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