Tangent Online Reviews “Quark”

I missed this review earlier, but my story is still online (here) — which is why I love webzines as markets.

"Michael Canfield contributes “A Flavor of Quark.” This story is a tale within a tale, told by an old woman to her “grandiekids” at bedtime. It is a most un-bedtime-like story of a man and monkey who are attempting to destroy the universe. In doing so, they create a new one. I didn’t fully buy into this story; the grandma’s authorial voice felt uncomfortable in its shift between homespun dialect and scientific detail, while of the two other central characters, Byrne’s logic and motivation seemed deeply flawed and hard to believe. Finnigan the monkey was the most likeable character to me, but ultimately his presence didn’t save the story, which has some intriguing ideas in it but which seemed to me to have no real central focus." — Ben Payne. Link: Tangent Online Review of Lenox Avenue #5, March/April 2005.


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  1. I liked the story. All the compaints above, I thought were the actual point of the story–originality, but I’m not a professional reviewer or anything. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. The story addressed a bit of an issue, I wanted to address, but in a much fresher and terser way. My story went to 10k words then gave up so I’m junking it. :) I’ll probably read the story again when I have time.

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