Work … yeah right.

Today "I worked" on my novel rewrite about 6 hours, there is that to be said for unemployment anyway. More time to write.  I think I am about 2 or 3 months away from a draft I would be able to show people. That’s exciting. There are no more major overhauls to do, at least from what I can see with mid-polish myopia. There’s a few logic/sense type things to clear up, and a lot of language sharpening to do. The skeleton is strong, the scenes that need to be there are there, now I can work on the paragraphs, the sentences, the phrases. I try to work macro to micro, resisting the urge to make small corrections til I’m convinced that overall structure is correct, lest I end up reworking and reworking some scene that really doesn’t belong in the story at all.

Sure, I called this work in quotes at the top, but it’s not really work at all. Outside of writing the initial draft of something, working on the sentences, strengthening the beats in each scene, one by one, is about the most fun thing in the world — not work at all. 


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  1. That’s great advice and it’s really not as obvious as it sounds. I get the urge to delve into some scene and polish it. Then it’s gone in another edit and I wonder where that time went. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this.

    I’m definately going to beg to see a copy of this novel. I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll gladly crit it if you want.


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