I’m All in …

… as the Brits say. One of the hazards of being out of work, combined with living alone, is for me the complete fucking-up of my circadian rhythms. I get to bed later and later each night until last night I didn’t go to bed at all. I did catch a few minutes doze sometime during Howard Stern this morning. Before that I was too wound up to sleep much before daylight, and I didn’t want to go to bed then, or I’d have slept all day. So basically I’ve gone without sleep right now for 32 hours. To fill the predawn hours I joined a free-entry poker tournament online and placed 20th out of 88. Look out Wil Wheaton and Jennifer Tilly! Still I don’t think that’s so terrible a rank since this was my first ever tournament.

As for my sleep cycle being screwed –It’s not as bad as all that —
tomorrow night I am off to Manila for a few weeks and it’s an overnight
16 hour flight. Then I’ll be on some other crazy cycle anyway. I’ll try
to post a few times from Manila although I don’t have a digital camera
so for all anyone will be able to tell I might really be home in
Seattle the whole time.

And if you’re interested in how I spend the rest of the time I saved by not sleeping, see the post directly below.

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