Corpse Blossoms Update

Not to long ago, and straight out of the blue, I received a complimentary email about my story "Wednesday" from a very talented writer, editor and bon homme* of my acquaintance. This friend happened to see the piece in advance of its publication in Corpse Blossoms and I was flattered he took the time out to write to me about it.

Corpse Blossoms will be out later in the year or early next year. As many may have heard, the editors of the book, RJ & Julia Sevin, live in New Orleans — though they are safely away from the flooding, hoteling it in Houston, surviving, heads held high, like so many others. Despite all this they want people to know they are going ahead with the anthology. Signature sheets for the limited edition have already gone out, and this other kick-ass writer (one whom I don’t know) has already signed his.

This anthology has stories by many of the best horror writers living: Steve Rasnic Tem, Tom Piccirilli, Bentley Little, Ramsey Campbell and many others. It’s going to be (and I have no reason to lie to you, I’ve already been paid and spent the money) the horror collect of the year. It will win the Bram Stoker Award for best original anthology. It will sell out quick. How I got in, I’ll never know. But forget about that. Don’t delay on this one, you can pre-order now at the Publisher’s SITE. Drop in and pay RJ and Julia a visit.

Peace out!

* Fr. noun: Good man. One possessing bonhomie. "That bonhommie which won the hearts of all who knew him." –Washington Irving,Oliver Goldsmith

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