Pricing fallout from video iPod

Report here: ( Lost Remote ) of NBC and CBS whining over iTunes downloads of ABC TV episodes of "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" being too cheap. Bearing in mind that this is a revenue stream that did not exist more that 100 hours ago, I don’t know what they are griping about. How about this: charge $7.99 an episode and make sure that NO ONE takes advantage of this convenient service and just continues to download for free from various bit torrent sites. I remember some years ago reading a Gregory Benford speculative article (in F&SF maybe) about the future of reading online. Best of all, predicted Benford, once page resolution becomes rich enough, and the actually reading device handy enough, books and magazines would only cost pennies because of the savings in printing and distribution costs. Anyone who’s seen’s pricing — or just about any other intellectual content — knows that that didn’t happen. There seems to be two pricing scenarios for the net: full price DRM-encoded merchandise, and free.  Most people will be honest if you let them. But fuck us, and keep fucking us, then why should we care?

And here is the money quote from the original news story at C|NET Italics mine:

"There is no doubt [that] the original iPod caused legal music downloading to increase, but whether they can cause a similar reaction for films and TV shows awaits an answer."

Yeah right.  It’s like comparing apples and apples.



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  1. tobias Buckell says:

    Oh, good grief, iTunes is the only reason RIAA is even getting -any- money from downloads at all because of their heads up their asses.

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