Current Stories Under Submission

In my efforts to post every day, and because a milestone of sorts is on the horizon, here is a list of everything of mines that is currently in some pile on somebody’s space heater, or in an email box awaiting a massive hard drive crash (and the inevitable plea on Ralan to please resend). The story lengths are very approximate, dates listed show when I mailed each piece out, and, yes, the years on those first two dates are correct …

1. Second Season (2k) 5/14/04 Borderlands 6 (Apparently not on the short list)

2. Stalking A Wizard (Poem) 8/11/04 Weird Tales (The only poem I’ve written that does not make me want to vomit … anymore.)

3. Library Rules (<2k) 3/1/05 Literal Latte (The last of my unsold Clarion stories that I will allow to see the light of day.)

4. Landing Day (4k) 10/20/05 Baen’s Astounding Stories (I have yet to sell
any of my more-traditional SF stories. That is not a dig, I love this
kind of story.)
They are fast – this one is back after only 6 days! A new leader in the response area.

5. Citadel Ninety-Nine (10k – big ‘un!) 6/20/05 Shadows of Saturn (I have yet to sell
any of my more-traditional Historical Fantasy stories. That is not a
dig, I love this kind of story.)

6. Camerado (4k) 7/18/05 Abberant Dreams (I h. y. t. s. a. o. m. m.-t. SF s.)

7. The
Mushroom King
(7k) 8/24/05 Aberrant Dreams (a no-no.I only read the bit about
no multiple-subs after I sent this second one out. Oh well, they have different editors for each genre. Maybe they won’t notice. And by the
way: I h. y. t. s. a. o. m. m. t. SF s.)

8. 419 Memoirs (2k) 9/27/05 McSweeney’s (they actually responded once by having an intern mail back the envelope I sent them for that purpose. Awesome!)

9. Think of a Pink Ship (4k) 9/28/05 Spicy Slipstream Stories (In keeping with
my long-standing policy, this submission to a themed-anthology ignores
established guidelines – which never mean what I seem to think they mean anyway
-‘cept this one do got some bonin’ in it.)

10. Borges, Yo! (2K) 10/10/05 Strange Horizons (my number of ST rejections is second only to my number of F&SF rejections. This is mainly because ST seems open the widest-variety of material of any pro spec-fic market today, in my opinion. As far as F&SF goes — can’t beat that nine-day turnaround. Except for Lone Star Stories, of course, where one writer is rumored to have gotten a personal detailed response back on a story ten to fifteen seconds prior to sending it out. Amazing.)

11. The Odd Poem (1k) 10/19/05 LCRW (not a vomit-inducing poem, but a story about writing a poem. Isn’t that clever?)

12. Iron Face (0.375k) 10/19/05 The Book of Dark Wisdom (Flash, but pretty good despite that, I think. No one to date has agreed.)

13. Oh, Danny (5k) 10/24/05 Playboy (No way – but it is perfect for them.)

14. We Have Capacity (2k) 10/24/05 ZYZZVA (After waiting nine days and thirty seconds for F&SF and then Lone Star Stories to pass on this one, I’ve decided to change tactics and try non-genre markets. Zyzzva usually responds in 2 weeks – slackers!)



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  1. This list is great. Makes me look forward to reading all of these. I loved the ones I read save for “Library Rules” I never got into that one.


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