Fiction Genre Fits Big Pharma

Some detail on the project to write a thriller concerning the dangers of buying prescription drugs from Canada. Higher up’s at PhRMA (aka The Drug Lobby) say that this project was "a screwball idea" – the product of one "rogue executive."
Fiction Genre Fits Big Pharma – Los Angeles Times.

"She [the PhRMA executive] was intimately involved," says Spivak [one of two co-authors], who declined to identify the executive but made it clear that he regarded her input as lowbrow. She demanded that the terrorists be militant Muslims but that their motivation be greed, not politics. She insisted on lots of "frilly female stuff," Spivak says, "Harlequin Romance stuff" — but also that the book incorporate long polemical passages drawn from transcripts of congressional hearings. Spivak says he acceded to many of these demands because "PhRMA was the client." He adds that he had no doubt that the project was being followed by higher-ups at the lobbying group.

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