Fair Use IV

Am still slightly over halfway through Best American Short Stories 2005 edited by Michael Chabon. Today’s quote is from Cory Doctorow’s "Anda’s Game" second paragraph:

But when Anda was twelve, she met Liza the Organiza, whose avatar was female but had sensible tits and sensible armor and a bloody great sword that she was clearly very good with.

It’s a great story, probably the most risky inclusion of all Chabon’s genre picks. Because if any is, I suspect this one will be the most off-putting to non-genre readers. Fantasy and mystery the lit-snob will let slide if the packaging is sufficiently tasteful, but SF? SF about gaming? I’m also glad that the definition of an American short story is broad enough this year to include a piece by a Canadian writer living in London published in cyberspace. The world really is flat!

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