US Postage will increase in 2006.

Forces conspired against me in the form of many story rejections coming in over the post holiday weekend. The stories have all gone out again, and curiously for the 21st century, all four happen to be bound for markets that do not accept electronic submissions. No matter, but it did remind me that first class postage within the United States is going up to 39ยข sometime early 2006. Fortunately I had some one cent-ers on hand to stick on the SASEs. If I’d forgotten, Krishna knows what those editors would have thought of me 6 to 8 months from now when the get around to replying.

Incidentally, I’ve heard that the USPS is finally going to print stamps without the actual price on them (I heard they are doing it starting 2007, I think) so they can be used even after a price increase. This will save me the biannual task of buying make-up stamps. It will also give the USPS a nice cash inflow just before increases happen, when companies and individual buy a lot of stamps at the old price to stock up before an increase. Apparently in the past the USPS thought this would be a bad thing.


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