Rich Horton Review of “Super-Villains”

in  Locus of Son & Foe:

The first issue, November 2005, contains a generous mix of reprints and originals. The reprints include three of Theodore Sturgeon’s best stories, as well as strong stories from Matt Hughes […] and Joe R. Lansdale. The best of the originals are surprisingly good, frankly better than I expected for a new online publication. My favorite is by Nick Mamatas,"Real People Slash" […]. Michael Canfield’s "Super-Villains" is another good one: about an aging superhero and his long-suffering secretary/love object.* The woman is frustrated that their evident attraction for each other seems doomed never to be consummated. The man is (without knowing it, perhaps) frustrated by his increasing irrelevance in a safer world – an irrelevance underscored by the pathetic nature of one of his archenemies just released from prison. The solution is unexpected, and perfect.

*Ginny is actually a media-empire’s on-air face – not a secretary – m.c.

This one was another hard sell, partly because of its length I imagine. It’s gratifying to hear that at least one reader, the ever-kind Horton, enjoyed it and perfectly captured its meaning. I write for readers not editors, and big heartfelt thank you goes out to editor Jeremiah Sturgill for publishing this and allowing it to reach an audience. It’s just a story, but that’s all I want to do, tell stories.


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