Free Read: eSkeptic for Thursday, December 8th, 2005

The weekly newsletter of the The Skeptics Society, has published  A Very Short Essay on Doubt
(composed of very famous quotes)
compiled by yrs trly, which I’m counting as my first (and possibly only) nonfiction publication.The issue’s main feature is a nice little write-up by Brian Ragle on some of the religious rights’ fears over Harry Potter. They are fighting the good fight over there, doing what they can to slow up our slide into the next dark age. Speaking of which, Hawaii’s favorite son, Don Ho, had to leave the United States to get the best health care available because of our government’s ban on stem cell research.

Don Ho Recovering From Stem Cell Procedure.


Ho, 75, known for his signature tune "Tiny Bubbles," underwent a new treatment that has not been approved in the United States. It involves multiplying stem cells taken from his blood and injecting them into his heart in hopes of strengthening the organ, according to Ed Brown, a close friend.


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  1. Brian Ragle says:

    Thanks for the kind mention of my Skeptic article. I am currently at work on a few more along those lines for submission to Skeptic, in addition to a growing body of work at my personal blog writing site. Look for more in-depth articles and interviews appearing there soon.

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