Wells and Welles: “Jolly good new noises.”

The old world and the new world met in an extraordinary 7 minute clip of a joint interview with Orson Welles and H.G. Wells recorded sometime after the beginning of WW II but before the U.S. entry into that war. We get Wells’ impression of the famous Mercury Theater radio adaption of The War of the Worlds (he liked it) and a discussion of Hitler — who evidently referred to that broadcast and the ensuing "panic" as an example of the weakness inherent under democratic governments. Also some context on how the British interpreted the reaction to the broadcast by the American radio-listenting public. What a piece of history.

Download 401028_wells_meets_welles.mp3

And why not follow this up with Muddy Waters’ Whisky Blues for no other reason than it just happened to play next on my iTunes after the Wells recording?

Download whiskey_blues.mp3

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