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From Journal Meme invented by Jenn Reese. Rules: Post the first sentence of your first journal entry for each month in 2005. Hers is betterm, but here it is…

Wow. I realize this is rapidly becoming the "word count and Million Dollar Baby" blog, but hey. A Flavor of Quark is now up on Lenox Avenue. Announcing my tenth story sale. Neologism: "Juicebomb" from Dana Stevens The High Sign. The new Flytrap is here! Spent some time today browsing podcasts via iTunes 4.9. Up in Subic Bay today, walking around, seeing what there is to see. Not to [sic] long ago, and straight out of the blue, I received a complimentary email about my story "Wednesday" from a very talented writer, editor and bon homme of my acquaintance. Semi-hilarious insta-parody. This is interesting. Was Osama bin Laden killed in last month’s earthquake in Pakistan as Harry Reid remarked that he heard speculated on NPR the other day?


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  1. Jenn Reese says:

    Just a quick note to say that I didn’t invent the meme. I saw it somewhere else and modified it.

    Your paragraph is dense with writing news and information. I’m jealous!

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