Blog Meme Redux

Following up on yesterday’s meme (because these are funnier than those) here are the last lines of the last entries made the first 11 months in 2005. Stuff in quotes – the negative review of my story "A Flavor of Quark & news items – are shown in, well, quotes …

Stay tuned, this could get embarrassing. I will not comment except to say I find it very helpful to post this crap, and I’m sticking with what is working. Which you can already preorder from Amazon for a paltry $9. Of the English language originals, like Ben Rosenbaum’s contribution best. Big PSP billboard displays big MS error message. "Finnigan the monkey was the most likeable character to me, but ultimately his presence didn’t save the story, which has some intriguing ideas in it but which seemed to me to have no real central focus." An Oasis on Mars. I’ve added links to all my available online fiction to SFWA’s directory. Accountability: "Brownie, you’re doing a helluva job." – George W. Bush, President, The United States of America. They just don’t have the  cinematic skills. "They also use home remedies to alleviate the discomfort of the cold or allergy."

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