Sorry I Missed O’Reilly on Letterman

Sounds like Dave wouldn’t let O’Reilly play his Fox-News games. Oreilly_vs_lettermanOne quote …
Letterman: Have you lost any family members in
Iraq?….I’m very concerned about people like yourself
[O’Reilly] who don’t have
endless sympathy for a woman like Cindy Sheehan. Honest to Christ,
honest to Christ
DIRELAND has pics, more quotes, and links to the full clips.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry I Missed O’Reilly on Letterman

  1. Noel A Robbins says:

    Thanks Mr Letterman for standing up to that low life O’Reily.
    VVet 70-71

  2. Kevin says:

    Noel, Bill O’Reilly is a low-life? Then what do you call Letterman? Lower? Letterman got his ass handed to him By Bill. letterman admitted this topic was out of his knowledge and still went on and made a fool of his self on his own show. Cindy Sheehan has done this to herself.Sheehan’s son must have his head between his legs in Heaven. Sheehan Got thrown out of the State of The Union, another ba mark for Cindy..Cindy needs some pills and a good doctor.

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