43 Folders, Modest Changes, Cancelling Something, Netflix, and Me.

I rarely visit 43 Folders  without finding some little trick to try to make life a little easier – as easy as canceling something, in this case. The Cancel something entry suggests examining services to eliminate from your life. I happened to eliminate Netflix several months ago, and have experienced only bliss and tranquility since …

… If Netflix works for you then great. They offer a convenient,
inexpensive way the see movies that seems to work for many people so,
Netflix lovers, I don’t mean to knock it. And many people don’t have
good alternatives for finding foreign, older, or independent films in
our Blockbuster culture. But I found myself watching films I had fallen
out of the mood for, and watching others merely to get them turned
around quickly and get the most value out of my monthly fee. Sometimes
I’ll go weeks or months without renting much of anything at all from
the local video store. That didn’t feel like a smart option when using Netflix. To pull a quote from the 43Folders entry (actually about a magazine subscription vs. buy issues semi-regularly at a newsstand):

I’d taken something I occasionally did on purpose and for pure fun and
turned it into an experience with all the anticipation and thrill of
opening the gas bill.

I probably spend more at the local store, per year, that I
would have done sticking with Netflix, but what the hell, I put my time
to better use when I don’t have movies coming in on their own schedule,
not mine. And the kids at the video store love to talk about what they
find good, what they think sucks, and they all know me by name.  I
don’t want to put a price tag on that. Tags:

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