John Scalzi’s Blog to Showcase an ‘Unclassifiably Weird” Story …

on January 20th, 2006, Nick Mamatas and Eliani Torres wrote it; Scalzi like it enough to pay the going rate for it out of pocket. For the full story on how that happens go to this post:  Whatever: One Other Thing —.

Seems to me like an interesting and worthwhile experiment. Some of the commentators to the post have doubts. But this seems no more objectionable than say, Wired magazine, publishing a Sterling or Gibson story even though they do not normally run fiction. Scalzi’s blog normally features his own fiction.  He does not seem inclined here to turn his blog into an online market and start reading slush 40 hours a week. But so what? His blog gets a lot of traffic, and some buzz has begun surrounding this event. By the rule of "the more you send them away, the more they come back" this cross-pollination might benefit all parties with some new readers. Almost certainly that will happen if the story resonates with readers. I look forward to reading it.

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