Susie Bright on J.T. Leroy

from The Huffington Post

[snip] There are people out there who think that outrage like mine is overblown. Some have said this is simply a story about a talented author using a pseudonym which disguises their gender.

That’s horseshit. If Emily Albert had sent me those first short stories in her own name, I would have read them all the same. I publish authors all the time who have a very different life than their characters. My hat is off to them, they have my every respect. Their research and credibility are on the line, and they live up to it.

Emily didn’t have to con me to get me to pay attention to her writing. But by portraying herself as the Little Cripple Boy, who’d choke back the tears as he asked me for a match, she set up the dynamic that determined the rest of our relationship:

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