Via Tropism became aware of a "Guilty Pleasures" meme going around. I’m not sure I have any, but there are certainly things I like that people would make fun of me for liking (oh, if they only knew …):

Culinary: Green bean casserole. Made of equal parts canned green beans, canned mushroom soup, and the crunchy onion things which feature the recipe on the side. I brought this to a Thanksgiving once to near unanimous praise. The sole dissenter found himself overly disturbed by this reminder of his white-trash roots. Well, I was born into a trailer park too, so fuck him.

Literary: Adam-Troy Castro’s "Spider-Man/Sinister Six" novels. Funny, involving, and very Marvel. These are not phoned-in. Nuff Said!

Audiovisual: Gilmore Girls. Love it, been there since episode one. It’s going to end soon, when Rory graduates Yale, and I will be there too.

Musical: Rent. (the Movie) It captured something authentic about that time and place, for all its cheesiness. If a nerdy or arty preteen sees this and loves it, I know that kid is going to be okay.

Celebrity: Justine Bateman. I missed her episode of "Arrested Development" and I’m pissed. I wish she got more work. Really.

Alcoholic: Michelob Ultra. It tastes horrible, but it is about 5 calories less than Bud Lite and sometimes 5 calories is a lot.

Pharmacological: Benadryl. So what if I self-medicate. I sleep like a baby.

Philosophical: I listened to Tony Robbins’ tapes. Didn’t work. I bought Wayne Dwyer’s books. He doesn’t really say anything. I read Albert Ellis. It kinda works, some of the time, for some things, sorta — which is exactly what he promises, and I am happier than ever.

Sexual: Due to bandwidth limitations, I can’t go into a full explanation here. Just dress up like Spock, Data, or Seven (your choice) and meet me at Jolene Blaylock’s house 7 years from next Tuesday, then I’ll show you something.

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