Fair Use: Weird Western Edition

From Tim Pratt’s The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl:

Jonathan lay awake in the Pigeonhole, where the day’s old heat went to die, listening to the whispering in the corners of the room.

And from Tom Piccirilli’s Grave Men:

Priest snapped awake in his seat, reaching for his knife. He had a mouthful of blood from biting his tongue, and the taste only reminded him of murder.

And Loren Estleman’s The Master Executioner:

On the last day of May 1866, a trooper named Ervine,walking punishment detail at Fort Riley with a log over one shoulder for reporting to duty drunk, threw his log at a guard, crushing the man’s skull, stole a horse, and rode forty miles to a stagecoach stop in Washington County, where he raped a backward serving girl and stole a fresh mount.


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