CELL by Stephen King

Picked this up from my local supermarket which offered it at a deep discount. Enjoyed it immensely, as I have done with the two most recent King’s before it, The Colorado Kid, and the final volume of The Dark Tower. I suspect that those who will be disappointed with the way those ended will be disappointed with this one as well, but for me, they represent a sophistication in King’s evolving story-telling technique that I find enjoyable and welcome.



3 thoughts on “CELL by Stephen King

  1. Mike King says:

    Hi Mike. Not a real bit King fan but might pickup one of his books one day. Any particular one your recommend? Or just above.

    Just finished Mission Earth Decology by L Ron Hubbard. Heaps of fun.

    Cheers, MikeKing.

  2. Mike says:

    I’d say “The Stand” and “The Dead Zone” — two early ones still stand out as my favorites. I also pick up any of his short fiction collections that come out.

  3. Tim Pratt says:

    Yup, I agree, the ending of Cell is one of the best things about the book.

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