A Vast Nut-Wing Conspiracy

Link: My Way – Celebrity Gossip – New York Post.

Winona Ryder and other celebrity "intimates" of fictitious writer JT Leroy were part of the conspiracy that pulled off the biggest literary hoax this side of James Frey.

Courtney Love, Rosario Dawson, Tatum O’Neal and Susan Dey all claimed they were friends of the made-up teen hooker-turned-bard. And Italian actress Asia Argento even once told PAGE SIX that she was having Leroy’s baby.

It seems clear now that at least Ryder and Argento always knew that "JT Leroy" was actually Savannah Knoop,
a California woman who posed as the imaginary writer under wigs and
oversize sunglasses at book readings, and that Leroy’s prose was
actually written by Laura Albert.

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